“Like a Virgin!” – With escort lady Helena, it’s not a song, it’s reality – she’s auctioning off her virginity!

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“I'm still a virgin - that's true!
And I would like to auction off my virginity here.”

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„Like a virgin - touched for a very first time“



‘Like a virgin – touched for a very first time’ – who doesn’t immediately think of this song? Our new prospective High Class Escort Lady Helena is indeed a real virgin and would like to auction her virginity exclusively at LOUISA Escort Munich. Dear gentleman, please ask yourself seriously: will you ever get this chance again in your life?

The allure of the virginal escort lady Munich is undeniable: her seductive, slim-curvy stature of 175cm, her sensual, brunette bobbed mane and her deep brown, hypnotic almond eyes enhance it all the more. She embodies an irresistible sensuality, supported by her shapely curves, from a tight bottom to a flat stomach and perfectly shaped natural breasts in cup C. The well-travelled and cosmopolitan student Helena not only possesses intelligence – as she speaks five languages fluently – but also a playful and girlish side that will fascinate you endlessly!

A date in a class of its own – your legendary very first time! A date so special that neither of you will forget it for the rest of your lives. This is exactly what makes this shared erotic adventure irreplaceable and unrivalled, because something like this is truly untouchable and beyond special…

Would you like to become her very first husband?

Your hymen is still intact. The auction of your virginity implies a joint visit to the gynaecologist of your choice as a prerequisite.








shy, cute, friendly, sweet


175 cm


65 kg






75 C Natur






Beautician, studen


Spanish, English, German, Georgian, Russia










classic natural nails


Latin American dances, travelling, shopping


Jogging, gym




sporty, elegant








Massimo Dutti


pink roses


Chanel Coco Mademoiselle










‘I dare to take my first step into the world of sensuality, seduction and passionate ecstasy. Would you like to accompany me and even show me the way? This memory will remain unforgettable for me forever...’

Our stunning and seductive First Class lady, Helena, is still a virgin – but as they say, good things take time. This Munich escort girl is delicate and almost shy like a young doe in her mannerisms, her way of speaking, and her behavior. However, once she trusts her partner, she truly opens up, and her passion becomes unstoppable. The brunette student has felt the emerging passion broiling inside her and urgently wants to explore her sensual-erotic side but hasn’t dared to in her private life so far…

This is where you, dear gentleman, come into play. Whether you wish to be Helena’s “first” or just want to gently introduce the beautiful virgin to this experience – both possibilities are open to you. The fact is, our lovely and virginal escort lady Helena is burning to finally ignite the fire of eroticism within her and is tired of waiting any longer! She wants it here and now! Of course, she wishes to experience her precious first time only with a sensitive, experienced, and stylish gentleman – after all, she will never forget this unique and special experience! Let’s all admit it – the first time was truly one of the most significant experiences of our lives and will remain unforgettable forever.

Helena’s eagerness to experiment knows no bounds, as she already has numerous ideas about what she wants to experience in the world of eroticism when she embarks on the exciting journey of desire with you. This hot yet also innocent Munich escort girl will ignite your deepest desires and show you a world of sexual desire that will surpass your wildest dreams and delve into your most ardent fantasies. Deflowering a real virgin – that only happened in movies until now!

First Class Escort Girl Helena embodies pure temptation – her innocence and untouchability, her vulnerable and feminine side at the same time. Her delicate and tentative touches will make your skin shiver, and her shy yet demanding glances will conjure the hottest fantasies in your mind. The passion and dedication of this virgin will send you into a sensory frenzy. But don’t just let words seduce you – real sensations are best experienced on the spot, literally…

The sweet High Class Escort Girl Helena has been hiding behind books for too long – she speaks five languages fluently and has completed two degrees. A sexy nerd, so to speak, who has let the most beautiful thing in the world come short and almost regrets it now. But not all is lost, dear Helena! We sincerely thank you for your trust and for wanting to take this journey with us.

We at LOUISA Escort Munich are confident that we can provide you with the best erotic experience, with a carefully selected gentleman of the highest class. This beautiful memory will be carried by both of you forever.

Being able to share something so magical together is truly something money can’t buy. The chemistry must also be right, which is why escort lady Helena would like to personally meet her potential dating partners. Whether it’s a nice conversation over a few drinks in a stylish bar in Munich, a fine and romantic dinner, or even a slightly erotic date in your hotel room – you, dear gentleman, decide!

As a highly sensual woman, the aspiring First Class Escort Lady Helena enjoys the company of a cultured gentleman to the fullest. She masterfully presents herself in seductive lingerie. She may still be a virgin, but she is an adult woman with an awakening sexual desire and loves to aesthetically showcase her sensual and curvy body in delicate fabrics. Her favorites are sheer stockings and transparent lace underwear, preferably in elegant black or subtle gold, which only hint at her breathtaking curves and contours. Of course, you are welcome to choose a lingerie color or a specific look for our escort girl Helena for your escort date – or even – if you are the lucky auction winner – for her first time.

It fills Helena with joy to make herself beautiful for you and feel desirable during the date, as she later slowly but with steady eye contact seduces you and discovers her own femininity and sensuality step by step for the first time. This play with the flame of passion, the light cat-and-mouse game between woman and man, is what drives escort lady Helena crazy because seduction begins in the mind.

One thing is certain – our virginal First Class Escort Lady Munich has firmly decided to immerse herself in the world of passion and eroticism and to provide a lucky chosen one with the most special experience of his life. Together, you will embark on a sensual journey of lust that will put you in ecstasy. Discover the seductive allure of the virginal High Class Escort Lady Helena and let yourself be enchanted by her sensual and innocent aura. Enter a world of passion and ecstasy that will accompany you in your dreams for a long time – a once-in-a-lifetime and unforgettable experience – how likely is it to experience this again in your lifetime? Would you like to accompany the young student Helena into the world of erotic ecstasy, devotion, and passion and forever be her first man?

‘I like to approach my first time slowly and am open to sensual dates that involve everything erotic except “the one” for now - as well as getting to know potential candidates! I'm really looking forward to the best experience of my life!’

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Get to know First Class Escort Lady Helena!

WHAT MAKES our luxury escort girl HELENA SPECIAL?

Let's take a closer look at the linguistically gifted student

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Helena is a fascinating First Class Escort lady from Munich with Spanish and Georgian roots, both of which are her mother tongues. Her life motto is: „Don’t give up until you reach your goal,“ which reflects her zest for life and her boundless optimism. For her, the ideal day consists of a relaxed morning with a nice breakfast in the city, followed by a stroll and a little shopping tour through cute, long-established boutiques and stores—she is very committed to supporting the authentic local Munich trade. This is followed by a meeting with friends for lunch or dinner, and before going to bed, a hot, soothing bubble bath with fragrant oils and good food. In the evening, she would alternatively enjoy a lovely, erotic date with a great gentleman, full of cuddles.

The young escort lady has been living in Munich, Germany, for several years, having moved there in her early 20s to pursue her studies. Her biggest life dream is to own a small store someday. She loves enjoying her free student life in Munich, especially the small cafés, bars, and the beautiful boutiques and shops.

At 175 cm tall, the beautiful Spaniard stands out positively and has gorgeous hazel almond-shaped eyes in which one could get lost and a full mane of hair. Her outstanding unique feature: everything about her is marked by natural beauty.

In her private life, Escort Girl Helena loves to read and is passionately committed to animal welfare. Should she ever win the lottery, she would build a sanctuary for animals to provide them with a loving refuge.

The charming escort lady Helena embodies timeless elegance and grace, as well as down-to-earth and pure naturalness! Your shared experience with her, dear gentleman, is not only a journey into the world of the senses but also an encounter with depth and passion, for as they say: you only meet others as deeply as you have met yourself. Get to know this rare rough diamond of a woman in our time. A lady shaped by noble and conservative values, for whom tradition still plays a role. Let yourself be seduced by her authentic charisma and share moments full of discovery and passion with her. The extraordinary First Class Escort lady Helena will invigorate your senses and give you a time that you will thoroughly enjoy and wish never ends—one of the most remarkable experiences of your life.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Helena, the enchanting luxury escort lady Munich, a sweet nerd who has spent a lifetime hiding behind books. The enchanting nature of this intelligent and sweet student attracts people magnetically and gives every moment with her a touch of unforgettableness. Would you like to seek adventure with her and slowly introduce her to the world of sensuality?

Lifestyle Interview


Girlfriend Erotica

yes, in the future! 🙂



Bikini zone


Travelling companion


Dinner accompaniment


Home visits


French kisses


French active


French passive


Body insemination








Dirty Talk


Erotic massage




Role playing


Shower/bath games


Lesbian games


Foot eroticism



on request









Frivolous going out


Fetish/irritant lingerie



yes, soft

Spanish eroticism


Greek eroticism


Duo date with escort lady



yes, 50% extra charge







Tongue anal active


Tongue anal passive


Golden Shower active


Golden Shower passive




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Our gift ideas

A little gift for your escort lady HELENA

700 €

High Heels

Louboutins - the elegant designer heels with the red sole are among the absolute classics and are extremely popular with our escort ladies. We will be happy to work with you to select the model that your escort girl can wear on your date.

150 €


Whether it's a beautiful bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers or the dried, gilded variety that will remind you of the lovely escort date for years to come - flowers are probably the best-known form of a small token of appreciation for a successful date.

250 €


A sensual fragrance makes an incredible impression. We will be happy to help you make the right choice. There are numerous exquisite and exclusive fragrances from world-famous perfumers. Or can the escort lady choose her own favourite fragrance?

ab 500 €


A fine lingerie set from Agent Provacateur or Honey Birdette is a great gift idea, as your escort lady could show you the delicate underwear to get you in the mood for a nice date. How long will she keep them on?

ab 1.700 €


A timeless designer handbag is the ultimate premium gift. Here it depends on the brand that appeals to you the most or that the lady wants. Bags from YSL or Prada start at around €1,700, while Chanel bags cost around €10,000.

Current highest bid - Auction ends on 01.08.2024, 00:00


3 Bids

Note: Please note that it may take a few hours for your highest bid to be updated. We check the submitted documents and the associated bid for authenticity to ensure that the auction process is fair and transparent. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Virginity auction with VIP ESCORT Lady Helena

virginity auction ends on 01.08.2024, 00:00

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High Class Escort Service



Let’s take a closer look at the outstanding services of our escort lady Munich that can be booked additionally!

As you can see in her „Secrets“ section, our blonde luxury escort lady Helena offers a range of special, additional services. One of them is the option for a threesome.

If you wish to bring your own female companion (FFM) to the date, an additional fee of +50% of the regular rate will apply. If you opt for a duo date and book another companion from Louisa Escort Service Munich, no additional costs will incur.

Our duo date recommendations for escort girl Helena: Ana, Elly, Eva, Tabea, Pauline, Zoe, Emily, Erika, and Valerie.

Since our first class call girl Helena is submissive, she likes to be dominated by you in all your masculinity. She finds it very erotic when a dominant and strong man knows exactly what he wants and takes it in bed. It turns the escort lady Munich on incredibly when the gentleman brings out her submissive streak and takes the lead. Since Helena offers soft BDSM, whips and whips can also be used if desired – of course in such a way that no permanent damage is left behind. The same applies to bondage games and verbal role play, all of course with a safeword.

Luxury escort lady Helena is also tingling!

Guests who are champagne enthusiasts will also be delighted with Escort Lady Helena: champagne is served fresh from the source as a Golden Shower or from a freshly filled champagne glass.

Dear gentleman, you already realise that with Louisa Escort Service Munich there are absolutely no limits to your sexual fantasies! Dare to enjoy this unforgettable escort date experience with all your senses and perhaps try something completely new and push yourself to your limits. When better opportunity than now? With our sensual, cosmopolitan and above all trustworthy escort lady Helena, you are in the best of hands. Together with this dream woman, you have the unique opportunity to go one step further than usual and go on a sexual journey of discovery to give yourself that certain kick that you will never forget!

We wish you a lot of pleasure, enjoy your hot and unforgettable date with our erotic grenade Helena!

Duo Date - The more the merrier!

Book a duo date with a second escort lady

And experience the most exciting night of your life!

A hot, erotic date with your dream escort lady Helena sounds too good to be true? How about two seductive Louisa escort girls at once? Many of our sexy VIP escort ladies in Munich offer the possibility for a duo date. Here, dear gentleman, you will be the center of pleasure for an entire night. The two beauties will pamper you with great attention to detail and all the arts of seduction. This is about letting your imagination run wild while being spoiled by two beautiful, sensual young escort women in sexy high-class lingerie! Don’t miss this chance to create unforgettable and unique erotic moments with dream woman Zoe and another escort girl: Ana, Elly, Eva, Tabea, Pauline, or Valerie.

LOUISA ESCORT takes care of all the necessary formalities for the escort date. Our main focus as an elite escort agency is to provide you with a special and individualized escort service experience tailored to your specific needs and desires. We not only advise you on who would be the perfect bed companion for you and your hot escort girl Helena, but also on the right hotel selection. Upon request, we can even handle the booking or arrange a restaurant reservation for lunch or dinner for you. With us, the customer is king and impeccable service is our motto!

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